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楊江哲學 His Character


  我與老公在港台一起工作十二載,在九七年離開RTHK前數個月,有位曹小姐來電找楊子江,說要感謝他,原來她的父親是紙紮師傅曹流,剛剛仙遊,曹師傅生前最自豪的,是十二年前接受過楊江的電視訪問,深慶自己的專業受到人們的尊重和肯定。老公不禁冒汗,原來日常工作對被訪者竟有如此深遠的影响!至2000年起加入Cable 後,也會時常警惕自己及同事,採訪工作萬萬不能草率!感謝港台同事細心找回這段在1985年十一月做的訪問,但願各位傳媒先進後學時刻共勉… 


      One of his most unforgettable interviews is the one he did with paper artifacts master Mr. Cho Lau. The interview was done in November 1985. 12 years later in 1997, a few months before Yeung Kong left RTHK, Mr. Cho's daughter called and told him that her father had just died. Miss Cho was very thankful to Yeung Kong,  because in her dad's whole life, he was most proud of himself for being interviewed by Yeung Kong, since he felt that his professionalism was being recognized.  Yeung Kong sweated after the call, as he didn't expect a journalist's routine work could have such a life long impact on the interviewee. Since then, he frequently reminded himself and his colleagues to treat every assignment very carefully and wholeheartedly. 

View video clipping of Master Cho Lau
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